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While Dragora is free software (free as in freedom) and it is freely available to the public, making it is not free:

A project like Dragora requires a lot of time, effort and sacrifice. Some of the tasks are: codify, document, translate, maintain, spread the word. Other important things are: satisfy basic needs (since the Dragora maintainer is totally dedicated to the project). In addition, we have to cover the costs of web services, support direct collaborators. All this is very important to sustain the project.

Please consider making a donation!

There are several ways to support the project. See below:

Online payments


We accept donations from PayPal.

You can enter the amount to donate after pressing the Donate button:

Monthly subscriptions are supported. You can contribute with a specific amount every month:

International payments or donations can be done using Western Union

First and Middle Names: Matias Andres
Last Name: Fonzo
Address: Manzana E, Lote 6. Santa Lucia (Ampliacion)
City: Santiago del Estero (Capital)
ZIP Code: 4200
Country: Argentina

Information (only) for residents in Argentina

Giro de dinero por medio de Western Union Nacional

Puede realizar un giro de dinero llendo al Correo Argentino en el cual deberá de completar un formulario que consiste en tres partes: monto a enviar, datos del beneficiario, y datos del remitente.


Nombre/s: Matías Andrés
Apellido/s: Fonzo
Dirección: Manzana E, Lote 6. Santa Lucía (Ampliación)
Ciudad: Santiago del Estero (Capital)
Código Postal: 4200


Quien remite es usted. Esto es, sus datos personales más CUIT/CUIL/CDI.

Una vez realizada toda la operación deberá de comunicar el número conocido como MTCN a: <dragora (a) dragora org>.

Donor list

Here is a list of people who have donated to the project:

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